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Welcome to my first blog and what a better way to start as the featured photographer in the latest Nikon newsletter.

Seychelles BoatSeychelles

Nikon D810
24-70mm f/2.8 G ED
1/60 sec @f/8
ISO 500


I’m pleased to be in this month’s Nikon newsletter. Most of the images were recently made on the Nikon D810, which I find produces incredibly high resolution, stunningly sharp images. I’m amazed at how it can cope with extreme latitudes in exposure retaining bright highlights in the clouds and shadows of the boat with this image.

Click on the link for the full interview.

4 comments on “NIKON INTERVIEW”

  1. Neil H Barton

    Wonderful image,just brought my self a D810 and 24-70mm lens (on a learning curve as to what it can do) I have other Nikon cameras D7100/D610.Just wondered do use filters and if so which type.

    • Tom Mackie

      Hi Neil, sorry for the long delay, I’ve been away and still getting used to the blog set up.You have a great combination with the D810 and 24-70mm lens. That is my go to lens more than any other. I’m using Lee filters and if you are thinking about buying some I would recommend starting with the holder, 105mm landscape polariser with the adapter ring for the polariser, 0.6 ND hard grad and the 0.9 ND hard grad. I get more use out of these filters so start with these then add to them later.

  2. Mark O. Solomon

    Beautiful picture. I really admire how you are able to so eloquently simplify images to their basic elements, but they speak volumes!
    1)What made you switch to Nikon?
    2)Was it for the resolution?
    3)How are the files compared with the Canon you’ve used?

    • Tom Mackie

      Hi Mark, I switched to Nikon because at that time Canon didn’t offer a high resolution camera and I needed it for some of my clients. I compared some of the files that I had shot with the Canon and could see a huge difference in the smooth gradations in skies and especially in the shadows. Nikon has a wider exposure latitude so there isn’t any noise in the shadows. Thank you for your comments, Tom


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